DIY Ikat Deer Head


Hello Crafters! Today we will be showing you a very easy way to turn your basic deer head into a nice patterned décor piece. Often times patterns can look intimidating to create, but all you need is a quick break down of steps to show how easy it can be! This is an ikat pattern, which is very trendy in curtains, pillows, and other home decor right now. You can swap this for any color choices you’d like. We are using Plaid Folk Art paints to complete this project. Direct links will be at the bottom of the post of where you can get all these colors and supplies.



Wood Deer Head

Folk Art Paint — Clay Bisque

Folk Art Paint — Country Twill

Folk Art Paint — Honeycomb

Folk Art Paint Metallic — Pure Gold

Small paint brush

Medium paint brush


  • First apply a base coat of the color Clay Bisque to the sides and front of the entire deer.
  • Once the base coat is dry — use a pencil to lightly draw diamond shapes on your deer head surface. Make sure you leave a little space in between each diamond. (Note: This does not have to be perfect at all!! Ikat is a pattern that looks ‘imperfect’ as the colors blend into one another) Now take a small brush and the darkest color (Honeycomb) and use up and down strokes to create the outer portion of each diamond.
  • Be sure to go up and down and NOT side to side so you maintain the ikat pattern. Continue with up and down strokes following the pencil tracing of each diamond and stop at the antlers.
  • Once dry, take the color Country Twill and do the same thing to each diamond. Move a bit inward but still touch the Honeycomb color so there is no space in between the colors.
  • Once that has dried you should have a little bit of space left in the middle of each diamond. Paint the antlers gold and then add that same gold to the middle of each diamond to pull the entire piece together.


This is an easy way to add a pattern to your unfinished wood pieces without using a stencil or scrapbook paper. Try different colors or ikat patterns.


Happy Crafting!! Unfinished Wood Deer Head ——>

Folk Art Paint  ——> 

(Folk Art Paint can also be found at you local Hobby Lobby)


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